School Psychology Services

Data Analysis and Academic Progress Monitoring

The academic progress of our students is a top priority at AIM. To optimize student’s development as readers, mathematicians, writers, and critical thinkers our teachers must adapt to the changing needs and abilities of their students. Our Psychology Department lends their expertise by working closely with teachers to develop tailored academic interventions and to monitor each student's progress throughout the year. We use timely and meaningful assessments to help answer the questions: How much progress? Compared to what? Expected by when? We gather information about students' current academic levels and rates of improvement towards short-and long-term goals. Ongoing data analysis allows our team to evaluate the effectiveness of the instruction and optimize each student's education plan by making timely, targeted adjustments or enrichments to individual programming.


Students are able to reach their potential when they fully understand their personal learning style, areas of strength and areas of need. The Psychology Department collaborates with students, parents and teachers in understanding individual student learning profiles. Our objective is for students to take ownership in their educational progress. Students are empowered to take responsibility for their learning and build positive partnerships with their parents and teachers to better realize their educational and personal goals.


6th Grade: In the 6th grade, Leadership is a weekly class offered to all 6th students for two semesters of the school year. The Leadership Program is based on the social and emotional learning competencies identified by researchers as critical to success in school, the workplace, and life in general. These include:  self-awareness, goal setting and problem solving, decision-making, perseverance, social support systems, and self-management.

7th and 8th Grade: Leadership is a weekly class offered in 7th and 8th grade for one quarter of the school year. Based on the Future Problem-Solving Program International, students are presented with real-world problem situations which they have to work as a group to resolve. These problem-solving challenges stimulate critical and creative thinking skills, encourage students to develop a vision for the future, and prepare students for leadership roles.

Career Academy

Career Academy is a four-year program that is designed to help guide high school students in their college and career selection process. Students are provided with exciting opportunities designed to help them discover their own strengths and affinities, and experience careers in their areas of interest. 
Beginning in the 9th grade, these opportunities include:

  • College Fair: (9th-12th grades) – Area colleges and universities are invited to AIM Academy to present their programs to interested students. Information about college admissions, major areas of study, and campus life is provided for students and parents.

  • Career Fair: (6th-12th grades) – Professionals from the community describe their occupations to small groups of students. Students select sessions based on their own preferences and learn about careers that interest them.

  • Career Express: (9th-12th grades) – Students participate in a series of workshops on career-related skills, including resume writing, interviewing and job-seeking skills.

  • Job Site Visits: (10th grade) – During the months of March and April, students have the opportunity to visit colleges and job sites to learn more about potential careers. Visits are based on student interests.

  • Shadowing: (11th grade) – Students have the opportunity to “shadow” an area professional to learn more about a specific occupation. At least one shadowing activity is scheduled during the months of April and May and students are required to complete a final project on their experience.

  • Internships: (12th grade) – Students complete a week-long internship in an occupation of their choice. Internships are scheduled when the Cabrini semester ends. Requirements include maintaining a daily log, completing a final reaction paper, and presenting their experience to faculty, parents and administration.

Brain Detectives

Our school psychologists work alongside our Lower School teachers to provide group activities promoting critical thinking and problem solving skills, communication and executive function skills.

The services listed above are all inclusive in our tuition. Therapeutic counseling services are not part of the psychological services model at AIM.

Additional Services

Executive Function Skills Coaching

Occasionally students may benefit from the opportunity to participate in on-site Executive Function Skills Coaching to improve their level of academic independence. Our team works with the student, parents and teachers to target the coaching to the individual student. Coaching sessions may be scheduled before, during or after the school day.

Psychological Assessment Services

For the convenience of our families, the AIM Psychological Services Department provides a wide range of psychoeducational evaluation and assessment services. We also provide comprehensive and brief psychoeducational evaluation and assessment services to students and adults in the community.