AIM Adopts On-Campus Facility Dog

AIM Academy students will soon welcome a four-legged companion into their midst. Kelly, a black lab-mix from local service dog organization Paws and Affection, will become the school's first on-campus facility dog. She will assist in easing anxiety, aid in practicing mindfulness, help students complete tasks in speech and occupational therapy sessions, provide motivation in learning, and even help bolster confidence in reluctant readers.

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Learning Self Regulation and Mindfulness in 1st and 2nd Grade

AIM Academy's Occupational Therapy/Speech team worked with all 1st and 2nd grade students from October to January to students engage them in activities to improve language skills, self awareness, and regulation of attention and emotion. Strategies from The Zones of Regulation program were presented and practiced. The Zones of Regulation helps students categorize their feelings and levels of alertness by using four "zones."

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Preparing Your High Schooler for Midterms

If there is a high school student living in your home, chances are they are currently planning for, preparing for or studying for midterm exams. As 7th-12th graders at AIM Academy prepare for next week's midterms, Head of Upper School Chris Herman shared with parents expert recommendations for preparing for the tests. The advice he compiled includes important study tips and age-old advice that teens often struggle to adhere to - get sleep and eat well.

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Revolutionary Learning - Brains, Computers and ALS

AIM Academy 4th graders had the opportunity to witness research in action with an assistive technology designed to help people suffering from ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) communicate last week as a unique kick off to their Revolutionaries Unit. Thanks to a grade level parent who assists a researcher at Penn State Health's Hershey Medical Center, students spoke live with an ALS researcher via the SmartBoard and watched as a parent volunteer wearing a specialized cap monitoring his brain waves sought to control a keyboard screen with his brain.

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College in the Cards – AIM Alumni Talk College with Parents and Students

Current AIM parents and students had a chance to hear what school after AIM Academy is really like from college students themselves during AIM's Alumni College Panel on Friday. Despite their varied academic interests, each of the six panelists credited AIM with providing them the confidence and support needed to succeed in college and they all agreed that keeping a detailed planner or calendar was key to staying organized.

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AIM Students Head to National Diversity Conference

Six AIM Upper School students are headed to Atlanta today to participate in the Student Diversity Leadership Conference sponsored by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). This is the first time that AIM Academy students have participated in this multiracial, multicultural conference which includes student leaders in 9th-12th grade from more than 300 schools across the country.

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