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COVID-19 Coordinator

COVID-19 Coordinator

Job Summary

The COVID-19 Coordinator reports directly to the Director of Campus & Community Life. They are responsible for directing and providing COVID-19 pandemic preparedness and response oversight for the AIM campus and community. The position oversees development and implementation of pandemic response practices and reports in adherence to those practices, ensuring compliance with the CDC, as well as local, state, and federal government and health departments. They monitor and document the effectiveness of the pandemic control measures used in the facility, and ensure alignment with AIM Health and Safety Protocols developed as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

The COVID-19 Coordinator will:

  • Manage implementation and training of policies and procedures related to COVID-19, and in conjunction with the AIM Reopening Task Force

  • Monitor local health data to assess implications for school operations and potential adjustments to the Health and Safety Plan throughout the school year

  • Report and track COVID-19 positive patients and exposures and make attendance determinations based on school policy and procedure

  • Remain up to date on local, state and federal guidelines for COVID-19

  • Handle Student, Faculty, and Staff education and development related to infection control and COVID-19

  • Be an infection control resource to staff by monitoring infection control issues, as well as the need for policy and procedure updates surrounding infection control

  • Manage staff performing multiple daily facility rounds to ensure adherence to Health and Safety protocols by students, faculty, and staff

  • Supervise app technology to monitor student, faculty, and staff self reporting program to determine their ability to attend school and execute contact tracing if necessary 

  • Collaborate with the School Nurse as needed to ensure the school environment is safe for students, faculty, and staff 

  • Collaborate with Director of Communications and School Nurse to ensure that health policies are current on the school website and communicated with the community

  • Assume responsibility for other duties as assigned by the Director of Campus & Community Life


  • Possession of an advanced degree related to the duties and responsibilities of the position

  • Five or more years of related work experience in health administration

  • Strong organizational skills

  • Communication and interpersonal skills to effectively manage and motivate students and employees and communicate objectives and action plans

  • Ability to implement safety measures to improve/maintain Health and Safety plan performance

Physical Requirements and Work Environment:

This position requires standing, walking, squatting/kneeling, lifting/carrying less than 50 lbs

  • Wear appropriate attire, safety and otherwise, for tasks assigned.

  • Utilize appropriate attire, language, behavior, and overall conduct in the presence of all constituencies of the AIM community.

  • Support the school and its leadership.

  • Perform other duties as assigned by the direct supervisor.