Director of Athletics

Director of Athletics

AIM Academy is seeking a highly motivated and experienced individual to serve as the Director of Athletics. The Director of Athletics is a pivotal member of AIM Academy’s Senior Leadership Team (SLT), entrusted with the development and supervision of the school's athletic administration and will lead and oversee all aspects of the school's athletics, health, wellness, and physical education programs across grades 1-12. Serving as a key liaison to the broader AIM community, the Director plays a vital role in fostering meaningful connections and opportunities that enrich the overall student experience. This is a 12-month position reporting directly to the Head of School. The Director spearheads initiatives to cultivate a positive culture, emphasizing strong character development and leadership skills among our student athletes. 

Since AIM Academy is dedicated to the work of equity and diversity, candidates should value engaging in open dialogue, questioning, confronting assumptions, and attuning to all voices. We invite you to read our “Equity and Diversity Statement” located on our website at 

Key Areas of Responsibility:

Student and Program Development

  • Program Development: Oversee the development and administration of all athletic and afterschool programs.

  • Coach Recruitment and Development: Recruit, hire, and provide ongoing support and professional development opportunities for coaches in collaboration with Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA).

  • Student Athlete Development: Implement initiatives to support the holistic development of student athletes, including academic support, leadership training, and character education. Promote a culture of inclusivity, respect, and collaboration among student athletes, including involvement with the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA). 

  • Facilitate College Recruitment for Student-Athletes: In collaboration with the Director of College and Career Counseling, provide support to high school student-athletes in the college recruitment process, including identifying potential colleges, communicating with college coaches, and assisting with the completion of necessary documentation and requirements. Ensure students are aware of NCAA regulations and eligibility requirements. 

  • Record Keeping: Oversee accurate records of team and individual athletic accomplishments for posterity. Document achievements, milestones, and statistics to celebrate student athletes' successes and preserve the athletic program's legacy.

Athletic Program Logistics

  • Coordinate Athletic Events: Take charge of scheduling and coordinating all athletic events, including pre-season camps, games, matches, and tournaments. Attend or enlist a school representative for all home games to support teams and maintain a positive atmosphere.

External Affairs

  • Community Engagement: Foster positive relationships with parents, alumni, and community members to promote involvement and support for the athletic program. 

  • Communications: Contribute to publications showcasing student athletes' accomplishments and contributions. 

  • Representation at Associations: Represent the school at various state, regional, and national associations related to athletics, including Penn-Jersey Athletic Association and PAISAA. 


  • Strategic Leadership: Develop and implement a comprehensive strategic plan for the athletic program aligned with the school's mission and values. Provide visionary leadership to enhance the overall quality and competitiveness of AIM Academy's athletic offerings. Oversee a dynamic team, including an Assistant Director of Athletics, to support our athletics and afterschool programs.

  • Policy and Procedure Review: Create, review, and revise the policies and procedures manual annually to ensure compliance with best practices, regulations, and school policies. 

  • Safety Instruction and Standards: Oversee safety instruction and establish standards of behavior to ensure the optimal condition and safety of all athletic equipment, facilities, fields, and courts. Implement protocols for equipment maintenance, facility upkeep, and emergency procedures.

Resource and Facilities Management

  • Facilities Management: Oversee the maintenance and utilization of athletic facilities, ensuring they meet safety standards and are conducive to optimal athletic performance. Coordinate scheduling and logistics for practices, games, and events with other co-curricular leaders (performing arts, robotics, etc.) to ensure efficient utilization of shared campus spaces.

  • Facilities Rentals: Oversee all aspects of the rental of athletic facilities, including scheduling, contract negotiation, and facility management. Coordinate with external groups and organizations to facilitate rental arrangements while ensuring alignment with the school's mission and values.

  • Budget Management: Develop and manage the athletic department budget, allocating resources efficiently to support program goals and initiatives. Seek additional funding opportunities through sponsorships, grants, and fundraising activities in collaboration with our advancement team.

  • Uniform Management: Lead our Assistant Director of Athletics in the distribution, collection, storage, cleaning, and repair of all school athletic uniforms. Ensure uniforms are well-maintained and presentable, reflecting the pride and professionalism of the school's athletic teams.


  • Bachelor's degree required; additional coursework or degree in education, wellness, physical education, and/or management helpful.

  • Minimum of 10 years of professional-level experience in athletic administration, preferably in an educational setting.

  • Demonstrated leadership abilities for student-athletes and staff with a track record of strategic planning and program development.

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, with the ability to collaborate effectively with diverse stakeholders.

  • Knowledge of best practices in coaching, athlete development, and sports psychology.

  • Highly flexible, collaborative, and adept at problem solving.

  • Excellent communication skills; ability to interact effectively with students, faculty, staff, parents, and administrators.

  • Understanding of Penn-Jersey Athletic Association, PAISAA and PIAA regulations and compliance standards.

  • Commitment to the mission and values of AIM Academy, with a passion for supporting students with learning differences.

To Apply:

Interested candidates should send a cover letter, resume and a copy of a voluntary EEO Self ID form to our Human Resources Manager, Cheryl Ferst at