AIM Academy Science Teacher Named Philadelphia Phillies Teacher All Star

AIM Academy Middle School Science Teacher Chrissy Mellon has been selected by the Philadelphia Phillies as one of their Top 10 Teacher All Stars for 2017.

Mellon, who holds a master's degree in special education and has taught at AIM Academy in Conshohocken for the past 7 years, will be honored along with nine other Teacher All Stars in a pre-game ceremony prior to the Friday, May 5 Teacher Appreciation Night game.

Each year the Philadelphia Phillies select 10 educators who have positively impacted the lives of the colleagues, parents and students and the nomination letter written on behalf of Mellon shows the depths of dedication and effort involved in working with students.
The nomination letter written by the parent of one of Mellon's current students highlights the focus and education the teacher herself undertook to find the best way to connect with a child with a specific hurdle that impeded being able to learn.

"Chrissy Mellon embodies AIM Academy's vision - innovative teaching driven by fearless dedication in the teacher. Chrissy's warmth and positivity helped our child put his faith in her.... Chrissy protected our child from feeling demoralized by the pain that comes when the capacity to take in information is frozen. She helped our child turn his focus from "knowing" to the deeper motivators of interest, curiosity, the wish to know and the willingness to try . . . If it were not for Chrissy, we are not sure our child would have had the incentive to go to school everyday.

"Her insights and connection with our child have been instrumental to a larger healing process. Recently, our child discussed with Chrissy a social situation that had caused some distress. That our child could confide in her in this way pays tribute to her as an educator who nurtures growth in children -- in all ways...We cannot thank AIM Academy enough for having such an inspiring, tireless, innovative and fearless teacher in their classrooms with our children each and every day."

"This is truly an example of the way teachers at AIM Academy change lives for children struggling with learning differences," said AIM co-founders, Executive Director Pat Roberts and Associate Director Nancy Blair. "We are thankful for Chrissy's tireless focus on innovative teaching to create fearless learning."
AIM Academy Science Teacher Named Philadelphia Phillies Teacher All Star