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Health & Safety Plan FAQs

Why isn’t AIM offering Zoom classes for students who are absent this year?

  • The most optimal learning happens when students are learning in-person in the classroom, when there are consistent classroom structures and routines with minimal disruption, and when teacher attention does not need to be divided between in-person students and students on Zoom. For the benefit of all of our learners, we are not having students who are absent join classes via Zoom this year.  We expect that our continued health and safety measures will keep our community safe and keep students in the classrooms as much as possible.

What are the learning plans in Lower School for COVID-related absences?

  • If your child is feeling up to completing work but needs to be out of school, we want to continue to support their learning. On the first full day that a child is out of school, teachers will use this time to organize materials and work for pick-up. There will be no provided work on this first full school day of absence. If a child is out of school for an extended period, students will be given daily asynchronous assignments in Reading, Writing, Math, Wilson Language, and Interactive Humanities to be completed at home. We will provide a pacing guide for how/when students complete the work at home. Teachers will either email assignments to parents or will make sure that assignments are posted in Google classroom. Families will need to print out assignments for students to complete at home and/or some assignments will likely be completed using AIM technology.
  • For students who are out for an extended time due to a documented Covid-19 related reason, we will schedule one daily one on one Zoom session for the student with an AIM faculty member who will act as a learning coach. The purpose of these sessions will be to check in with the student about how they are doing, answer any questions about assignments, and offer support as needed. We understand that it is challenging to be learning at home, and parents are welcome to join students for these Zoom sessions, if they have any questions. Daily one on one Zoom sessions are not available for absences due to quarantined travel, non-Covid-19 related illnesses or other appointments.
  • For students who are out for several days, we ask that families come to AIM to pick up the student’s AIM technology for use at home and other learning materials. The teachers will gather everything, and we will let families know when everything is ready for pick-up at the front desk. Students will bring back their AIM technology, learning materials, and their completed work when they return to school. When appropriate, students may also submit assignments online as they are completed. Once students are back in school, we will help catch them up on anything that they may have missed.
  • Please note, if your child has a question or need at any point during an extended absence, contact Gen Marvin ( for additional support. 

What are the learning plans in Middle School for COVID-related absences?

  • First day of absence: Student should check posted homework assignments on Veracross and Google classroom, as well as their email. The first full school day missed will be used to prepare school work and materials for their remaining absence. There will be no work provided on this first full day outside of posted homework assignments.

  • Second day and beyond: Student and parent will be sent a pacing guide that outlines asynchronous assignments to complete in all core academic subjects, including where to locate the assignment if not directly linked.

  • Three+ consecutive days missed: If your child misses more than three consecutive days, we will provide a check-in via Zoom with an AIM Faculty member. Students are also expected to communicate directly with their teachers if they have any questions about assigned work at any point during their absence.

  • Please note, if your child has a question or need at any point during an extended absence, contact Chrissy Mellon ( for additional support. 

What are the learning plans in Upper School for COVID-related absences?

If a student will be absent for an extended period of time due to a COVID exposure or a positive COVID test, accommodations will be made using available and appropriate technology and resources to allow for the student to keep pace with all required assignments. A plan will be made in partnership with the student’s advisor, teachers, and other staff who may support the student during their absence.

  • Please note, if your child has a question or need at any point during an extended absence, contact Andrew DiPrinzio ( for additional support.

Will students and classes be placed in pods or cohorts?

  • In order to maintain our small-group instructional model, students will not be placed in pods or cohorts that they remain with for the entire day.

Is there a Before School Care option for Lower School and Middle School?

  • Yes. AIM will be offering free before school care from 7:30 am - 8 am daily in the ACC. Students using Before School Care should be dropped off by 7:40 am, but not before 7:30 am