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AIM's Leadership team Strategically guides the overall vision, direction and leadership for the Organization



Dr. Ed Gallagher

Dr. Ed Gallagher became AIM Academy's Interim Head of School on July 1, 2020. Ed joined the AIM team in 2014 as our first Head of Middle School.

Prior to joining AIM in 2014, Ed served as an Academic Coordinator, Dean of Students, Teacher and two-sport Coach at Girard College. He learned about AIM while pursuing his doctorate degree at the University of Pennsylvania.

Having grown up with an older sister whose dyslexia was significantly underserved at her local public school, Ed was intrigued about the possibility of joining a school community that primarily served students with language-based learning differences.  

Founders & Institute Directors


Executive Director Pat Roberts and Associate Director Nancy Blair, founded AIM in 2006 with a vision of making literacy a priority for AIM students and all children. They continue to develop partnerships critical to making this priority a reality through educational outreach with school partners, evidence-based curriculum, strategic partnerships, and professional development opportunities. Read More

Visionary and dedicated professionals are a hallmark of AIM's Board of Trustees. From our founding board members to today's current group of leaders, these individuals have shaped the success of AIM Academy and the AIM Institute for Learning & Research. Click Here for a list of our current Trustees.