Patricia M. Roberts

Pat Roberts

Patricia M. Roberts is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of AIM Academy and the AIM Institute for Learning & Research. In November 2022, Pat and co-founder Nancy Blair received the International Dyslexia Association’s Excellence in Leadership Award for their significant contribution to reshaping both education for those with learning differences and teacher training on literacy through the AIM Pathways platform. Pat and Nancy have facilitated partnerships with literacy researchers to scale evidence-based practices, including joining the Haskins Global Literacy Hub as the group’s first school partner to accelerate research to practice and working with Florida Center for Reading Research.

Pat is a passionate educator and successful businesswoman, having founded Primak Educational Foundation, Early Learning Associates, and PTS Learning Systems. Her career began at West Chester University’s Lab School, where she trained teachers in school districts nationwide to translate research into the classroom. She launched the Institute for Educational Excellence and Entrepreneurship (3E Institute at WCU) and, in 2006, co-founded AIM Academy in conjunction with The Lab School of Washington®. She has presented on various podcasts and conferences and served on the Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania Branch of the International Dyslexia Association. Pat has served on multiple National IDA sub-committees and currently serves on the New York City Department of Education’s Literacy Advisory Council.