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Curious how AIM Pathways training supports secondary educators with classroom instruction? At the Everyone Reading conference in New York City in January, Dian Frankson, a teacher at Brownsville Collaborative Middle School for Agriculture & Technology, shared some of the resources and tools she learned during her training through New York City's District 23 literacy training and described the transformation she has seen in her student learners.

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Lingelbach Literacy Story Thumbnail Image

AIM Pathways partner Lingelbach Elementary School was recently featured in an article, "Here’s how this Philly elementary school moved from bare-bones budget to statewide star," in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The article celebrates the School District of Philadelphia school's transformation and "reading pivot" which has led to strong gains on literacy assessments for 3rd graders. According to the article, the percentage of third graders passing state English exams jumped a stellar 173%, from 26% to 71%.

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Megan Gierka Inquirer Image

The Philadelphia Inquirer recently featured a story about pending legislation in Pennsylvania that would set curricula requirements and mandate reading competency screenings for K-3 students three times a year.

The article, "Pa. could become the latest state to mandate ‘evidence-based’ reading instruction," includes an interview with Megan Gierka, senior content developer at AIM Institute explaining the need for evidence-based reading instruction.

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AIM Academy Families Featured in Philadelphia Inquirer Story on Literacy Instruction

The literacy learning journey of several AIM families were featured in a recent comprehensive article about reading instruction in Philadelphia-area classrooms in The Philadelphia Inquirer. The article, "A battle over how to teach kids to read is playing out in Philly-area classrooms. Parents are losing trust," was published online on February 21 and featured in the Sunday newspaper on February 25. The article focuses on the importance of structured literacy instruction to support readers, especially students with language-based learning differences like dyslexia and dysgraphia like those served at AIM Academy.

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Rhode Island DOE Logo

The Rhode Island Department of Education recently highlighted the success of Richmond Elementary School, an AIM Pathways partner, as a RICAS Rockstar for their students' 13% gain on the state ELA assessment. The video includes the Chariho School District superintendent, Richmond's principal, and teachers sharing the impact that AIM's comprehensive science of reading training has had on their teachers' work implementing high-quality instructional materials in their classrooms.

“Coming out of COVID we adopted [a HQM] program and at the time our teachers, including myself, had not been trained in the science of reading," Principal Sharon Martin shared in the video. "By the second year of implementation of the program, the teachers began their AIM Pathways Science of Reading training. Things started to make sense. We could start to understand the rationale behind the changes.”

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Kate O'Brian showing a lower school student how to use Cubetto
AIM’s Makerspace, Art, & STEAM educator Kate O’Brian is passionate about what she does. She speaks with energy, excitement, thoughtfulness, and her knowledge of computer science (CS) education and dedication to her Lower and Middle School students shines through. Her classroom is a testament to the benefits of teaching computer science early: during her quarter-long Coding & Robotics unit, first and second graders coded Cubetto robots with colorful shapes on a programmable board, while third graders used tablets to program the playful Dash robots to solve mazes around the classroom. O’Brian’s ongoing Make It Matter series of articles celebrates unique learning experiences like these and their connection to ongoing academic research in the Learning Sciences. She’s written on the merits of CS Education—especially for young LD students—and most recently, on utilizing AI as a teacher. “It was the creative aspect of [CS] that made it appealing for me,” O’Brian says, “and now I try to use that same angle for our students, who need the creative, hands-on aspect in order to engage with [challenging] topics.” 
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Hour of Code for the Elementary Classroom: Why and How to Start CS Education Early

AIM's Lower School Makerspace teacher Kate O'Brian recently published an article providing teachers with ideas and resources for planning meaningful activities for students during Computer Science Education Week from December 4th-10th and the Hour of Code. The article explains the importance of making time for students to code. "Introducing coding and computational thinking early broadens their repertoire of different ways to see the world. As a bonus, most students also find that the tools and platforms I teach coding with are novel, attention-grabbing, and fun," O'Brian emphasizes. Coding also opens up more opportunities for students to be creative, and allows students the agency to enact positive change. 

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AIM Academy has been recognized as an "Outstanding Visual Arts Community" by The Pennsylvania Art Education Association (PAEA). This endorsement is awarded to schools with rigorous, inclusive, and accessible programs.

"Engagement in the arts at AIM Academy is a transformative experience,” said AIM Head of School Annette Fallon. “We are very proud of our faculty, staff, and students and honored to receive this award as we continue to support our future ready leaders."

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