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"Words are our most inexhuastible source of magic" Quote Image by JK Rowling

As AIM prepares to launch its latest online training course, Pathways to Proficient Writing, we are excited to share a FREE webinar miniseries for teachers featuring AIM facilitators and Dr. Charles Haynes. Each session will enhance participants' ability to provide instruction that remedies common intra-paragraph issues seen within students' writing. The sessions will include handouts and interactive activities.

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Reimagine Education Gold Award Winner

In December, AIM Pathways received the Science of Learning Gold Award at the Reimagine Education conference. The platform was among more than 1,000 Reimagine Award submissions for this global event and was one of just 13 category gold award winners. Conference panelists shared this about the professional learning platform.

"Literacy is the foundation upon which all subsequent academic attainment rests: there are perhaps few educational interventions more impactful than effectively reducing the reading gap. To do so, teachers need to be empowered by scalable, affordable solutions – but these solutions also need to be based upon rigorous learning theory. AIM Pathways' solution meets all of these criteria. We commend it, in particular, for the work that they have done to ensure that their digital platform is based on insights from leading neuroscience and literary researchers: in doing so, they offer a model that all digital learning platforms should follow."

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Reimagine Education Shortlist Recognition

AIM learned October 13th that the AIM Pathways online teacher training platform had been recognized by QS Reimagine Education in consideration for a Reimagine Education Award. The platform was among 1500 projects submitted for consideration for the awards, known as "the Oscars of Education." AIM Pathways, which includes multiple online training courses in literacy for educators and education leaders, was among just 12% of Reimagine Education submissions to be shortlisted for an award.

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I Voted Sticke Image

AIM Academy has received the Governor’s Civic Engagement Gold Award for having more than 85% of eligible students registered to vote. Jaxon G. ‘21, an AIM Global Scholar, led an AIM voter drive among his peers during AIM's school closure when he and his classmates were participating in remote learning.

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Bella Anzideo NICA Award Winner

In May the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) announced its 2019 National Awards honoring both Mountain Bike Coach Anne Rock and fearless rider Bella Anzideo '22.  Coach Rock, who started AIM's Mountain Biking Program and runs the Middle School Outride program, is the recipient of the Quality Bicycle Products Community Impact Award. Anzideo is the recipient of the GU Energy Extraordinary Courage Award recognizing student-athletes who have persevered through challenging circumstances and overcome adversity to develop and excel as a model student-athlete.

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