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Making Education Special - Head of School Chris Herman Featured in Future Ready Schools Blog

Head of School Chris Herman's blog "Making Education Special" was featured on Future Ready Schools on August 28.  Read more about how AIM unlike prototypical special education doesn't "start with what a child cannot do. We start with what a child loves to do. We know that we will fill their day with interventions and they will have to learn to read, write, and do math. We know that as a result of their learning difference, they will have to work twice as hard as their age-related peer. But, we don’t make them give up what they love to make room for what they need. In fact, we see doing what they love as an integral piece of how they acquire they need. And we have the results to show that doubling down on a passion will equal double the success for our students."

Isabelle Jolinger TD Bank Young Hero Recipient

Recent AIM graduate Isabelle Jolinger was recently named a National Liberty Museum Young Hero for 2019. Jolinger, who will attend Syracuse University this fall, is among 13 young people recognized by the organization with the TD Bank Young Heroes Awards given to young people who have taken action to make positive social change in their schools and communities.

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Photo of students at ISTE 2019

AIM's robotics and engineering program was highlighted in EdTech Digest's recap of the ISTE conference held in Philadelphia in June. Author Mike Gura writes: "AIM Academy – so great to see a school this is “All In” with robotics. I chatted with Doug Markgraf, a full time robotics teacher there and with Robert Ervin, Director of Robotics and Engineering for the school. I had to be mindful of the very powerful, full-size robot prowling the floor, built by the school’s FIRST team and got a close look at their android phone powered robot built by their FIRST Tech Challenge team."

Portal Experience

AIM students across Lower, Middle and Upper School had the opportunity to interact with students and people around the world on April 15 and 16 as AIM hosted an inflatable portal from Shared Studios.

During the two-day portal experience students participated in globally-based conversations even enjoying a dance party. The experiences were also captured by local media including a clip on the NBC 10 News on Monday and an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer on Wednesday.

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