I.G.N.I.T.E. Center and Haskins EEG Research Begins

It has been exciting to see the EEGs get up and running in the I.G.N.I.T.E. Center Lab as part of AIM's Predicting Literacy Outcomes in Schools research with Haskins Laboratories.

The goal of the IGNITE Center (Implementing Global Neurosciecne in Technology and Education) is to help accelerate learning through deeper understanding of what works for whom by engaging teachers and students in applied research. Its second goal is to "provide AIM Upper School students with the opportunity to be involved directly in this research as IGNITE Center Student Research Fellows."

Our Upper School Student Research Fellows recently helped Haskins faculty run experiments with AIM 5th grade research participants. Student Research Fellows were able to help mix the salt water solution for the EEG caps, use pipettes to ensure that the electrodes had adequate contact with the scalp, and most importantly, talk 5th graders through what they were doing so it was a positive experience. Student research fellows calibrated volumes for different experiments and enjoyed working hand-in-hand with some of the top neuro-researchers in the country.

"We thank AIM for welcoming us to do this amazing initiative with them to be able to bring the research lab into the school to work together in a way where we are learning from each other very directly what are the programs, what's working, how are kids responding and then we can marry the research tools into the "real world" of classroom treatment," said Dr. Ken Pugh, director of Haskins Laboratories which has formal affiliations with University of Connecticut and Yale University. "We’re really thrilled every time they come down because [our researchers] love seeing the students and working in the class.

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