International Portal Experience Featured in Philadelphia Inquirer and on NBC10

AIM students across Lower, Middle and Upper School had the opportunity to interact with students and people around the world on April 15 and 16 as AIM hosted an inflatable portal from Shared Studios.

These immersive spaces for groups are connected to a network of diverse locations and communities around the world and AIM students had the opportunity to interact with Syrian refugees in Greece, STEM teachers in Gaza City; students in Lagos, Nigeria and Spanish speakers in Puerto Rico.

During the two-day portal experience students participated in globally-based conversations even enjoying a dance party. The experiences were also captured by local media including a clip on the NBC 10 News on Monday and an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer on Wednesday.

“Through collaboration within the Philadelphia region, it is our hope to get a Portal at AIM in the future in order to expand the idea of developing global citizenship in real time through authentic projects and discussions," said Amy Holt Cline, director of AIM’s Center for Global Leadership.