8th Graders Make Adaptive Games for Widener Memorial Students

Over the past several years, AIM 7th and 8th graders have visited the Widener Memorial School to better understand the challenges and successes associated with students who have various physical and medical disabilities. It is during this visit that students make personal connections through visiting classes and playing in a competitive game of wheelchair basketball; which happens to be a great source of pride for the Widener Students and Staff. 

Playing Basketball Bingo

This year, 8th graders in Mrs. Kathy Brandon's STEM elective interviewed peer buddies at Widener and gained a better understanding of how they could invent, create, prototype and construct a specialized game that would allow their buddies to start their Holiday Season with a new toy of their own.

AIM students delivered their gifts to Widener and spent time playing the games and showing them to their peer buddies. A wonderful start to the Season of Giving.

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