Quotes from the Experts

"The AIM curriculum is one of the richest and best integrated I have seen anywhere. I would describe it as the whole package -- multi-media, multi-modal, multi-level, but those aspects of instruction subordinated to the larger purpose of teaching really worthwhile subject matter in science, social studies, math and language. It's skills and application, bottom up and top down, verbal and nonverbal, disciplined and creative. I'd send any child there, with "learning differences" or not."

Louisa Moats, Ed.D.
Researcher, Writer, and Consultant Specializing in Language, Reading and Spelling Development

"AIM students are performing and reading at a level that exceeds the national expectation and that is very impressive. What’s more impressive to me as someone who is interested in kids who are impoverished, is that AIM is able to accelerate reading growth which is something that we’re not actually able to do in traditional schools and I don’t think it’s class size. I think it’s something about the program at AIM and how integrated it is and how intentional [it is] that results in that kind of acceleration and it’s really what we need to be able to do for kids growing up in poverty and for minority kids who come to school behind.”

Julie Washington, Ph.D.
Georgia State University

"The founders and staff of AIM have created an amazing and innovative learning environment. The teachers are experts, who strive to enable all students to reach their potential. Leading educational research plays a prominent role in the curricula, designed to support and enhance the learning experience of students across the age range. Anyone who visits will see that the students are motivated, attentive, and capable learners who meet the high standards of achievement expected of them."

Kate Cain, Bsc. DPhil.
Department of Psychology, Lancaster University (UK)

"As you step through the doors of [AIM], you know it is a special place. It is evident in the student artwork and their products that are everywhere, the sense of belonging on the faces of the students and the consistent sounds of learning echoing from every classroom. Learning is the work at AIM, not just for students but also for staff. As a result of the ongoing commitment to their learning, the educators at the Academy have been able to create instructional environments that reflect the research, the science of teaching and learning, and allow them to attend to the unique needs of each of their students. Our students need more schools like this one!"

Nancy Hennessy
Former President of IDA, Educational Consultant, National LETRS Trainer

"AIM has an excellent program for youngsters who have learning differences. The students are so fortunate to be in an educational environment where they are respected, valued, and provided with cutting-edge research-based learning. Our community is privileged that Pat Roberts and Nancy Blair chose to house AIM in [the] Philadelphia [area]."

Charna O. Axelrod, Ed.D. NCSP

"As a parent of a dyslexic son and as an educator, I know what I would want for any student with a learning difference. The Academy represents everything that is exceptional about instruction…a curriculum that remains consistent with national standards, but yet allows for the differentiation that is needed, and expert staff that is knowledgeable, caring, and knows how to make learning an adventure."

Antonio A. Fierro, Ed.D.
National LETRS Trainer