Academics at AIM


The Joy of Learning is Unleashed.

AIM Academy is a unique school where students develop multidisciplinary literacy and where untethered learning takes place. Ideas are explored, projects are developed and the true joy of learning is unleashed. Understanding the value of knowledge is important at AIM Academy because every student is on a path to college and lifelong success.

The academic programs at AIM Academy are individualized, evidence-based, and innovative and are designed to spark student curiosity and enthusiasm. Our Humanities, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Design, and Mathematics) and Arts curriculum develop deep understanding and critical thinking skills needed for college and career success. Our students are immersed in a highly interactive, language-enriched learning environment from Grades 1-12. We blend hands-on, arts-based and 21st century learning in all of our classrooms. Underlying every aspect of our program is the knowledge and use of cutting-edge research into how our students learn best across all disciplines.

Our program was recently awarded an exemplar status by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills (P21). AIM Academy was invited to join along with a select group of schools across the nation because we promote collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication at all levels. These skills are not bound by certain disciplines. You will see the evidence of 21st century learning in Lower School reading using collaborative apps on our interactive table; in Upper School where we take history out of the classroom to study in the field and abroad; and in Middle School where students integrate engineering concepts to bring science to life.

Why AIM?

"I can't believe how far we are in terms of working with kids in meaningful ways. I have never been at a school where understanding the individual student is facilitated so quickly."

- Upper School Teacher

"AIM Academy is truly an amazing institution; one that should be modeled by educators around the globe."

- AIM Parent