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Graduation 2023

At AIM, we set our sights on a higher bar, the college degree.

For students who learn differently, the four-year college completion rate is jaw-droppingly low. Only 34%[1] graduate within eight years. Succeeding in college requires top-notch organization, advocacy, and study habits. These must be formed, but at college it’s far too easy to get swept-up in the crowd. Classes are larger, assignments are tougher, professors grade harder, and, socially, the campus provides constant distractions.

The first semester is a critical growth point when it is essential students begin to build these habits that will serve as the foundation of their college careers. Hit the ground running, start out on the right foot, a good beginning makes a good ending, all clichés apply as upper-level classes only get more difficult. Successful habits must be in place.

Confident college students who have cultivated these habits are organized enough to know when assignments are approaching and how to manage their time to finish on schedule. They advocate by meeting with professors, tutors, and disability coordinators. They study efficiently, previewing and reviewing class materials. They keep a high GPA, while allowing time for clubs, sports, and internships.

The AIM Advantage program provides AIM graduates with a college coach who meets weekly with students. In these online meetings, student and coach work together to organize, advocate, and study, as well as ensuring the student is making the most of their disability services. Building upon the research-based techniques taught at AIM Academy, the coach supports students to take charge of their college education, to approach each class with a plan, to follow-through on each assignment, and to internalize key habits for the future.

The AIM Advantage has had wonderful success. Every student involved in first semester coaching returned to college for their second semester. And, going against the statistics, in each subsequent semester, most AIM Advantage students have seen their GPAs rise as those successful habits stick and students gain confidence.

If you have any questions, please contact Andrew DiPrinzio.