bASH Online

b.A.S.H. 2020 Poster

Welcome to bASH. Usually this multi-disciplinary showcase sprawls throughout the entire AIM campus with live performances in the gym, actors performing amidst the crowds, projects laid out in classrooms and art covering the walls.

This year we have moved our bASH online into a virtual gallery that is a lot quieter than the bASH you know and love, but is still filled with amazing projects showing off the many talents of our students. There are video musical performances, Shark Tank presentations, examples of talented writing and more.

We encourage you to explore all of the bASH galleries which we have tried to organize by keyword as much as possible to designate: division, specific grade (where applicable) and subject. We've also included a keyword for some of the specific projects that were completed during remote learning as they are proof the STEAM and immersive learning can continue even if we have to be online.

We hope you enjoy wandering through the galleries to see AIM's innovative teaching on display! Click on Division Choice below to enter the galleries.

Note on BASH Galleries: The creation of this online showcase required us to use multiple platforms to provide access to student-created performances, stunning art work and more. Because of space considerations, some of our projects are shared as Vidigami slideshows. These are accessible without a Vidigami account, but sadly, the format does not display student's names with their work. We hope you'll sit down with your student to have them share their work and the work of their peers with you. We will be adding artists' names to the general gallery descriptions shortly as well as some additional galleries featuring videos of students. 

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