Artist Inspired Artwork

Students researched artists who used pieces and parts in their work. The students were asked to create a work inspired by the artist they studied.

Student Work Featured in Order of Slideshow: 


Shadow of Mountains by Schuyler M.’21

Pencil Sketch by Rudy D.’21

Shadow Art by James D.’20

CD Paintings by Tamara D. ‘23

Turtle of Trash by Hannah ‘23

Paper Flower Vase by Lilly C.’21

Art of Matches by Jackson S.’22

Barbie by Jessie L.’20

Carved Pencil by Katie K.’22

Shadow Art by James D.’20

Paper Boat by Johnny H.’23

White Abstract by Sarah S.’23

Shadow Mountains by Schuyler M.’21

Shadow Art by James D. ‘20

Poverty of Matches by Ellie C.’22

Nail Cactus by Ashley W. ‘23

  • upper school
  • visual art

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