Extra Projects Upper School Art

During remote learning, students worked on additional projects outside of class assignments

Student Work Featured in Order of Slideshow: 

Window Designs by Izzy T.’21

Drawing by Tamara D.’23

Beach by Rudy D.’21

Summer Sketch by Ellie C. ‘22

Masks by Ashley W.’23

Painting by Jessie L.’20

Chameleon by Jack H. ‘23

Summer by Jack H.’23

Grandparents by Libby K.’21

Abstract by Hannah ‘23

Summer Message by Carter F.’22

Landscape by Claire S.’21

Painting by Jessie L.’20

Portrait by Josh J.’22

Character Sketch by Josh J.’22

Painting by Lilly C.’21

Knitted Scarf by Max ‘23

Summer Message by Carter F.’22

Drawing by Josh J.’22

Landscape by Josh J.’22

Summer Message by Eva E.’22

Woods by Izzy T.’21

Sketch by Katya P.’21

Summer Message by Carter F.’22

  • remote learning
  • upper school
  • visual art

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