Independent Arts & Design Projects

Students drive their own projects from start to finish including consideration of all research, approaches, techniques, and materials. Enjoy a slideshow of their work.

Student Work Featured in Order of Slideshow: 

The Ball by Rudy D. ‘21

Morning Tea Still Life by Lilly C. ‘21

Watercolor Eye by Sofia S. ‘22

Chalk Pastel Still Life by Jessie L.’20

Airplane by Johnny H. ‘23

Fish by Johnny H. ‘23

Painted Mirror by Skylar G. ‘23

ACC Interior Colored Pencil Rendering by Lilly C. ‘21

Shoes Pen & Ink Katya P.’21

Fish Watercolor by Johnny H.’23

Acrylic Painting by Skylar G.’23

Ricky the Dog Pen & Ink by Tamara D. ‘23

Quetzal Bird by Sofia S. ‘22

Bears Work in Progress by Max L.’23

Family Painting by Tamara D.’23

Airplane Colored Pencil by Johnny H. ‘23

Watercolor Practice by Johnny H. ‘23

White Abstract by Sarah S. ‘23

Leaves of Trash by Josh J. ‘22

Animation Sketches by Libby K. ’21

Pastel Landscape by James D.’20

Sunny Evening Painting by James D.’20

String Octopus on Wood by Izzy T.’21

Sunset Pastel by Carter F.’22

Character Sketch by Jack H. ‘23

Costume Design by Jackson S.’23

Planning Sketch for Painting by Jack H. ‘23

Van Gogh’s Café by Davis D. ‘23

Acrylic Painting of Eric by Ellie C. ‘22

Floor Plan by Libby K. ‘21

Heart Bowls by Ashley W. ‘23

Figures Embracing Acrylic Painting by Claire S. ‘21

Acrylic Painting by Ellie C. ‘22

Henna Lamp by Hannah N. ‘23

Animation Characters by Colin O. ‘23

Sneaker Design by Henry G. ‘21

Photographs on Wood by Eva E.’22

Animation Character Studies by Honour  B.

Sneaker Design by Henry G.’21

Sneaker Design by Henry G.’21

Watercolor Techniques by Hannah ‘23

Charcoal Still Life by Eva E. ‘22

Sneaker Design by Henry G.’21

  • upper school
  • visual arts

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