Pencil Sketches

Students were tasked to create a pencil sketch of an object in their house.

Student Work Featured in Order of Slideshow: 

Lamp by Rudy D.’21

Lamp by Skylar ‘23

Still Life by Tamara ‘23

Avocado by Rudy ‘21

Mouse by Rudy ‘21

Pencil Sketch by Tamara ‘23

Bench by Skylar ‘23

Plug by Johnny ‘23

Sketch by Mark H.’20

Still Life by Ashley W.’23

Fireplace Detail by Lilly C.’21

Sketch by Katya P.’21

Pitcher by Katya P.’21

Sketch by Claire S.’21

Strawberry by Ellie C.’22

Potted Plant by Izzy T.’21

Sketch by Eva E.’22

Chair by Ashley W.’23

Dog by Josh J.’22

Leaf by Claire S.’21

Cup by Jessie L.’20

Still Life by Jack H.’23

Chair by Johnny H.’23

Stool by Henry G.’21

Sketch by Eva E.’22

Chair by Josh J.’22

Lamp by Jessie L.’20

Bananas by Jack H. ‘23

Chair by Lilly C.’21

Cats by Libby K.’21

Grapes by Claire S.’21

Sketch by Josh J.’22

  • remote learning
  • upper school
  • visual art

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