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Note on BASH Galleries: The creation of this online showcase required us to use multiple platforms to provide access to student-created performances, stunning art work and more. Because of space considerations, some of our projects are shared as Vidigami slideshows. These are accessible without a Vidigami account, but sadly, the format does not display student's names with their work. We hope you'll sit down with your student to have them share their work and the work of their peers with you. We will be adding artists' names to the general gallery descriptions shortly as well as some additional galleries featuring videos of students. 

Upper School

Simple Machines Screenshot

COVID - 19 Project, Students were tasked with incorporating at least 3 simple machines in a system to perform a simple task. Lots of room for creativity and fun. One of the most popular was to feed your pet a treat. I'm happy to report that there are many happy well fed pets out there as a result of this design challenge.

  • engineering
  • remote learning
  • upper school
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Tea S. Working on Her Intake Design

AIM competes in an international event to design and build a robot to play in the FIRST Robotics Competition. Each year there is a world wide game released in early January. Teams work to conquer this challenge and compete at two local events, a regional Championship and if lucky, the World Festival in Detroit MI. Some students choose this as their independent class project.

  • robotics
  • upper school
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CAD Thumbnail

COVID-19 Project, Students were tasked with designing dominos in an online CAD program called "Onshape" This is a full featured 3D CAD program. Each student was responsible for designing two dominos. We were then able to collaborate online and bring each student's dominos into a shared assembly. Once parts are designed, they can be 3D printed or eventually manufactured on some of the other equipment in the lab. Students also began a project with the Philadelphia Zoo to design a robot to help at the Zoo. We ended the quarter designing new Zoo keys as a second project for the zoo.

  • engineering
  • remote learning
  • upper school
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Pour Over Coffee

Photos of the Entrepreneurship elective's team project- opening up a sustainable coffee service at AIM Academy. Also included is the presentation about the cart presented by students at the Drexel University Rising Starters pitch competition.

  • entrepreneurship
  • upper school
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Great War Art Project

Students were asked to research specific aspects of the First World War and the numerous art forms that were created during the war. Students then created their own art piece (drawing, painting, sculpture, poem, etc.) and wrote a research paper arguing that their art piece is actually an original artifact from the Great War.

  • history
  • upper school
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