P21 Learning

Integrating the UN Global Goals

and the Oxfam Global Matrices

Center for Global Leadership FAQs

What is the Center for Global Leadership at AIM?

The goal of the Global Studies Program at AIM Academy is to further develop and enhance the current curriculum by including globally centered content, case studies, authors, projects, and conversations within many of our classes. An additional goal is to establish a formal community of practice around topics associated with global citizenship education, social sustainability, and leadership. Like the other three threads, Global Competency and Social Sustainability strives to fulfill the mission of AIM Academy.

What is a Global Citizen?

According to the National Education Association, global and cultural competence “refers to the acquisition of in-depth knowledge and understanding of international issues, an appreciation of and ability to learn and work with people from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds, proficiency in a foreign language, and skills to function productively in an interdependent world community.” They go on to say that “this definition of global competency contains four basic elements including: “international awareness, appreciation of cultural diversity, proficiency in foreign languages, and competitive skills which include the ability to apply high level thinking skills to economic, social and technological changes taking place across the globe.”

At AIM Academy, we provide thoughtful academic experiences where students learn about and discuss global issues that point out the similarities and differences we experience across cultures. Through using the OxFam Global Competencies, faculty determine the best way to help their students think globally.

How is AIM Academy working to develop Global Citizens?

AIM Academy is working to develop globally-minded citizens through a dynamic and integrated curriculum that uses the Oxfam Global Citizenship Matrices as their unifying focus. The faculty at AIM Academy are integrating many of today’s global issues into their curricula while also working to develop students to be Globally Minded citizens who are informed about social and cultural issues in today's world. OxFam was established in Oxford, England in 1942 with the motto of “the power of the people against poverty.” The major themes within the Oxfam Global Citizenship Matrices include three major sections related to Global Competencies known as Knowledge and Understanding, Values and Attitudes, and Skills. Within each of these three major sections, each category can be further explained in specific themes that are matched by grade level.