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Enroll in the Sacred Valley Peru Service Learning Course

AIM's International Service Learning Course is a unique program organized by the Center for Global Leadership providing students with a deep understanding of service and a country's history and culture before traveling on a service-focused trip. Students in the course meet during lunch periods during the school year and travel over Spring Break.

This year, in preparation for a Rustic Pathways led Sacred Valley Service trip to Peru, students will understand life in rural communities of the Peruvian Andes by exploring issues such as clean water infrastructure, education, and access to public services. They will live with local families, contribute to sustainable service projects, learn about the former capital of the Inca empire, hike through majestic mountains and visit Machu Picchu. This is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure you will never forget!

Click image above for the pdf flyer, Visit AIM's Rustic Pathways Enrollment Page to register today or plan to Learn More at our Information Session This Fall!

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Dominican Republic Service Learning

Students in the Dominican Republic Service Learning Course began their year-long journey of studying geography, language, music, and the environment of the island of Hispaniola. Using Google Earth, students analyzed images of Haiti and the Dominican Republic noticing environmental differences between the two countries. Students have also been learning about fundraising and how best to offset the cost of their trip through individual and group events. This course encouraged students to develop leadership skills and build content knowledge of the region while also earning 20 hours of service by working with students in a local school and community in the Dominican Republic. This type of course hopes to help AIM students develop a better sense of themselves, what it means to do service and begin to develop their own community translation project within the AIM community. This project will allow them to become change agents at AIM and within their local communities.

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AIM Launches the Global Scholar Program

Congratulations to AIM Academy's first cohort of Global Scholars. Our five scholars are: Roxy B. '19, Isabelle J. '19, Kiley M. '20, Shayna P. '20, Brandon S. '20.

Students in this program will earn Global Scholar distinction on their diploma after completing a series of global program expectations. Students will focus on developing their skills and efforts the following five areas: Communication, Intellectual Pursuit, Service toward a Cause, Immersion, and Mentorship.

Students are expected to: earn a B or Higher in 4 approved Global Courses, complete 20 hours of Service with a global citizenship organization (within their 100 hour graduation requirement), participate in at least 2 immersive travel experiences with accompanying travel journals, dedicate serious investment in 2nd language development, maintain a web portfolio of their work as a Global Scholar, work closely with a faculty mentor to establish and meet goals, to name a few. Students in grades 9 and 10 are encouraged to apply in September or January.

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Sustainable Development Goals and Middle School Writing

Helping students make connections to their role as global citizens is a critical part of AIM’s curriculum from 1st to 12th grade. AIM's Center for Global Leadership seeks to integrate global citizenship matrices, including the United Nations's Global Goals for Sustainable Development, into classroom learning. The center is a resource for professional development and curriculum design, is a hub for meaningful student travel and cultural learning, and is home to our new AIM Global Scholars program.

Middle School students in Beth Cope's Research and Writing class have been studying the Second UN Sustainable Development Goal titled Zero Hunger. They have been researching what hunger is and how it affects millions of people around the world while also writing formal papers and poetry. The thoughtful poem below, by Anna C. '22, describes her evolving thoughts on Hunger. 

I used to believe  

By Anna C. '22

I used to believe that every child went to sleep stuffed to the rim with delectable, home made meals.

I used to believe that no child walked around with bare feet on a ground canvased with bugs, dirt, and disease.

Now I understand that 233 million people in Africa are famished.

I see that children from Burundi all the way to Ethiopia are going to bed with their stomachs moaning from hunger.

I see that masses of children are going to sleep with unkempt hair, filthy clothing, and decayed teeth

I am now reluctant to consider the suffering of 13 million adolescent individuals.

I perceive how blessed I am to have accessibility to luscious fruits, and savory snacks on a daily basis.

I used to believe that every child had a bed to go home to coated with fluffy blankets and feather like pillows.

I used to assume that every child had  benevolent parents to wrap their arms around after a day of frolicking outside.

I used to believe that every child went to a safe learning environment throughout the school year.

I used to believe.

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Making Lights Shine a World Away

AIM Middle and Upper Schoolers experienced first-hand how they can be involved in a grass roots movement and bring light to the world today while building solar-powered lanterns with Liter of Light founder Illac Diaz. AIM is the only Philadelphia area stop on the non-profit's Journey of Light road trip across the United States seeking to show youth how they can contribute to sustainable enterprises and to promote UNESCO's upcoming International Day of Light on May 16, 2018. AIM students in the workshops cut and bent wires, assembled circuits, soldered metal and connected wires to create the solar lamps and celebrated when their bright lights shined in the dark.

Liter of Light Circuit making.

The circuits created today will be taken by the non-profit and used to light street lamps in the Philippines, Diaz explained. He said the workshops at AIM were the most productive day of creating circuits he had experienced on the trip. "They aren't afraid of the technology," he said. "By learning to make the light they become our newest ambassadors for Liter of Light and can bring their knowledge and technology to others."

AIM's Director of the Center for Global Leadership Amy Cline, who invited the group to make this Philadelphia detour, hopes students will continue to construct circuits for lamps after the organization departs.

“Liter of Light’s work perfectly aligns with AIM’s focus on educating students about global citizenship, global leadership and social sustainability,” she said. “I am excited to watch students learn how easy it is for them to contribute to a global endeavor like this and to do so by actually making something with their own hands.” 

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Terra Cotta Warriors Field Trip

Students in Mark Brandon’s Asian Studies class traveled to the Franklin Institute to study 
Globalization and Interdependence by  focusing on the Terra Cotta Warriors of the First Emperor. After visiting the Franklin Institute, the 9th and 10th grade students traveled to the Philadelphia Museum of Art to study the Asian Art collection and learn about the history of the Chinese, Korean and Japanese culture. 

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AIM Parents and Teachers play Bob Dylan's Blowin' in the Wind during class session discussing protest songs and the Vietnam War.