Academic Travel at AIM Academy

Teaching at AIM Academy is an educationally unique and enriching experience for everyone in the community.As educators, we believe that the more hands-on, creative, and critically engaging the material is, the more content students will invest and remember.Every year, teachers cover the walls of AIM with colorful student-made maps, globally-based artifacts, content-enriched art work, and much more.This year, students have invested in projects that range from the ecosystems of Teton Valley, Wyoming to the Far East, as well as Ancient Greece, Iran, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Zambia and Honduras, to name a few. Although it’s not realistic to take students to all of these places in a year, it’s worth explaining the numerous successful off-campus travel experiences AIM Academy students took part in.This issue of the Four Threads Newsletter is dedicated to the importance of academic travel for students and its positive impact upon students’ learning and enrichment.

Peru 2019 - International Service Learning Course

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AIM's International Service Learning Course is a unique program providing students with a deep understanding of service and a country's history and culture before traveling on a service-focused trip. Students in the course meet during lunch periods during the school year and travel over Spring Break.

This year, in preparation for a Rustic Pathways led Sacred Valley Service trip to Peru, students will understand life in rural communities of the Peruvian Andes by exploring issues such as clean water infrastructure, education, and access to public services. They will live with local families, contribute to sustainable service projects, learn about the former capital of the Inca empire, hike through majestic mountains and visit Machu Picchu. This is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure you will never forget!

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Empowering children in the Dominican Republic

Experiential Education in the Wilderness

Learning on location at the Teton Science School

The Teton Science School has been taking students into the wilderness to learn about the natural ecosystems that surround it since the 1960’s. Nested within the Greater Yellowstone basin, learners of all ages gain a lasting connection to their surroundings by learning from the land while being outside. This year, AIM 8th graders were able to continue this tradition, by participating in several environmental education winter outdoor programs that the school has perfected. Students gained numerous during the week ranging from cross country skiing, to collaboration. Snow-shoeing, animal identification and tracking, communication, writing, reflection, observation, and much more! The Teton Science School is an important part of AIM Academy’s learning experience.

An Interdisciplinary Exploration of Greece

Senior Seminar is a year-long interdisciplinary study of a region that includes learning about a place and a culture through literature, history, science, and the arts. The course is a rigorous, college preparatory block study that enables students to explore themes and topics across multiple disciplines and inspires students to look at learning as a deep endeavor as opposed to a one-dimensional set of correct answers. Senior seminar accounts for more than half of a student’s program offered during senior year. Students are expected to read, write, discuss, present, and collaborate in the classroom and in international learning environments when they travel abroad. In this way, Senior Seminar is a foray into the expectations of a college course-load as well as the work habits and advocacy skills required of a successful college student.

Learning on location at Delphi

Academic Travel Journals