College Counseling

Every student at AIM is on a path to college.

Every aspect of our program prepares them for it.

This preparation includes a rigorous college prep curriculum, an understanding of their learning style and the accommodations needed for success, ACT preparation, and dual enrollment in AIM and Cabrini University courses for a better understanding of collegiate expectations.

We start the conversation early in order to keep the pressure low. In 9th and 10th grades students start to explore a variety of potential careers and college programs enabling them to begin to develop a vision of their future. In 11th and 12th grades, we provide more developed and targeted programs assisting students with resumes, essays, portfolios and interviewing techniques.

Our College Guidance program is personalized, supportive, comprehensive, strategic and grounded in a collaborative relationship between counselors, students and their parents. Through the college application and acceptance process, students learn decision-making and goal-setting skills that will serve them well throughout life.

Mr. Michael Dunn

Faculty Information

Director of College Counseling
Upper School
Athletics, College Counseling, English, History, Upper School Families


BA, Michigan State University
MA, Wayne State University
Certificate in College Counseling, University of California, Los Angeles