Our Response to the Recent College Admissions Scandal

Dear AIM Community,

As many of you may have read in the news yesterday, Edge College & Career Network and Key Worldwide Foundation founder / CEO Rick Singer pled guilty to federal charges for cheating and fraud within the college admissions process. Over a 10-year span, Singer and his organization allegedly took payments of millions of dollars from wealthy families and guaranteed their admission to top colleges across the country. Additionally, he fraudulently used disability accommodations for students to gain an opportunity to cheat standardized exams such as the SAT and ACT. Needless to say, this news has shaken the college admissions community.

We recognize the college admissions process is an increasingly anxiety-inducing, ambiguous time for many families. So much in the college landscape has changed in the past 25+ years, and we are all trying to take in as much information as we can with the hopes and dreams of our young students in view.

With this said, we wanted to be sure the entire AIM community understands our commitment to ethical college counseling practices. Since before our first class graduated in 2014, we have closely allied ourselves with the National Association for College Admission Counseling’s (NACAC) Code of Ethics and Professional Practices -- a document that has been in place for more than 80 years. In 2015, when we officially became a member of NACAC, we committed publicly to these practices, and have been a proud member of the NACAC community since this time.

Our college counseling team works closely with all of our families to understand the complexities of college admissions and to accordingly guide students in their work. We work diligently to be sure each student’s story is represented with honesty and integrity. We are upfront with our families that there are no guarantees in college admissions and that making smart decisions from both the heart and mind are important throughout the process. We also ensure all standardized exams administered at AIM are given under close supervision and that all exams are delivered with fidelity.

Singer billed himself as an Independent Educational Consultants (IEC), but we could not disagree more with this description of him. We know many IECs, some of whom have worked closely with AIM families in the past, and they are ethical professionals whose commitment to NACAC’s professional practices are aligned with our own. We stand by the overwhelming majority of our IEC colleagues who are committed to doing this work for the betterment of all students.

Today we wish to express our re-commitment to the ethical practices details in the Code of Ethics and Professional Practices. We take our task of helping students discover their future path very seriously and are thankful that you trust us as we embark upon this journey together.

Mike Dunn
Director of College Counseling