The Six A's

The College Counseling team at AIM Academy provides an organized, informative and individualized program that guides our Upper School students and families through the intense preparation and application process surrounding college selection. With more than 4,000 postsecondary institutions in the United States, our College Counseling team works closely with families to ensure students find the right fit for their life after AIM.

Academically Rigorous Upper School Programming

In AIM’s Upper School, students engage in a rigorous college preparatory curriculum that begins in the earliest days of Freshman year. Anchored by the 4 Threads to the Future framework, students have options to explore a focused array of electives while building a 21st century skills to showcase throughout the college application process. The college counseling team works closely with students to help students present their skills, articulate their distinguishing experiences and key personal traits, and transitioning their Upper School experience into their postsecondary life.

Accommodations – The Key To Success In College

Throughout their Upper School experience, AIM students are exposed to and taught to understand the accommodations they receive based on their learning profile. Guided by members of our psychology team, and accompanied by experts in the field of college accommodations, students are able to glimpse into the workings of accommodation applications, acquisition, and advocacy. In their final years in the Upper School, the college counseling team puts a laser focus on how each student’s specific learning profile will affect their experience post-AIM. This includes teachings about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA – 1990), confidentiality, student rights in college, and the necessity of advocacy as a core component to accommodation acquisition.

ACT Test Preparation

Built into the Upper School curriculum is an intensive ACT Test Prep program in partnership with local professional tutors and educational consultants. Instructors work with Juniors and Seniors over a six week course prior to each exam sitting. These sessions are designed to provide much-needed confidence, test-taking strategies, and knowledge of accommodations necessary for success.


Access to Dual Enrollment Classes at Cabrini University, Drexel University and University of the Arts

A pioneer of one of the region’s most innovative dual enrollment partnerships, AIM provides all of its Seniors with accessible and highly supported college class options at Cabrini University, Montgomery County Community College, University of the Arts and Drexel University's Close School of Entrepreneurship. Students take classes on the university campuses and earn up to six transferrable college credits. They gain valuable exposure to the workings of a collegiate Disabilities Services program and practice college-ready advocacy and executive functioning skills all with the support of the college counseling team.

Application & Acceptance – Putting The Pieces Together

Once Seniors have begun the process of narrowing their college selections, the college counseling team guides them and their families through the application process – from list development, to collecting and submitting application materials, to understanding and preparing financial aid documents. When students receive their acceptance letters, they have individual consultations with our team to help them make their final decision. This includes guidance in scrutinizing college Disabilities Support Services programs, degree option considerations, and overall college fit. On College Signing Day, the entire school celebrates the futures of our soon-to-be grads.

AIM Advantage Persistent Pursuit Of Success

For all students, being successful during their first year of college is a daunting task. They enter a complex college system and are expected to balance time management, study skills, dense readings, essays, library research, deans, registrars, and much more.

The AIM Advantage provides weekly sessions for alumni with an AIM College Coach to confirm that they are and building and practicing successful college habits. Together, the coach and the college student generate a time schedule, analyze upcoming assignments, and talk about each course. These meetings allow the AIM College Coach to both track each student’s progress and provide them with a better sense of what needs to be accomplished.