AIM - Going Global

AIM is working with former staffer Jamie Stratton, who is now working at a school in Kenya, to not only provide STEAM learning opportunities but also to provide teachers with education in the science of reading.

This winter, students in Middle School STEAM class worked through the design process starting with empathy to create an equitable project for Jamie's students in Kenya. The students designed, laser cut, personalized and painted box kits for each student in 8th grade so they could share in the same project as our AIM students. They also sent solar lanterns and solar oven kits.

This summer, Jamie will return to Africa with 15 new MacBook Air computers for the community which will not only allow for continued cultural exchanges between our students, but will also help in the education of their teachers. The AIM Institute will be providing pro-bono training in the Pathways to Proficient Reading course to all of the teachers this fall.