Global Scholars

The Global Scholars Program Purpose:

The Global Scholars program is designed to encourage Upper School students to become more engaged with and aware of the world around them. Global Scholars go above and beyond what is typically required on an AIM transcript, as they pursue specific goals, courses, and projects that immerse them in global issues of interest. Students that apply into this program, pursue the following five focus areas in order to achieve Global Scholar designation on their diploma and high school transcript.

Areas of Excellence:

  1. Intellectual Pursuit (INT)
  2. Service toward a Cause (SERV)
  3. Immersion (IMME)
  4. Communication (COMM)
  5. Mentorship (MENT)

Applications will be accepted in September of each year.

Life Below Water - Translation Project

Global Scholar Jaxon G. ('21) is completing his Translation Project, with the goal of sharing information and inspiring action from the wider community. Jaxon has focused his study of the Sustainable Development Goals on Goal #14: Life Below Water. Not only has Jaxon done extensive, independent research around this goal, he has also organized routine beach clean-ups for his local community. During the month of April, Jaxon will be spotlighting various organizations, key information, and opportunities for involvement around Goal #14. Be sure to check out his infographic each week to learn more and see how you, too, can get involved!

Life Below Water Translation Project - Infographic 1