AIM Higher

New Spaces: As AIM expands its curriculum to include more technology and design it must also expand its learning spaces. Over the next three years, AIM will complete the construction of a two-story addition to the main campus building that will include spaces for robotics, coding, and science labs. With dedicated lab space for classes ranging from Robotics and Drones to physics, engineering, and life science this new space will unlock a myriad of possibilities for learning at AIM. Opening up dedicated spaces for both tech and science classes will give students the chance to explore unique topics like AI/VR, drones, and coding. 

New Opportunities: This edition also provides AIM with spaces like the corporate commons. Establishing a connection with companies and a chance for students to gain real-world experience while still in the classroom. Connecting with students with local companies opens up opportunities for internships, collaboration, and expanded learning. With this space and others like the main gathering center, new possibilities for AIM are about to expand.

Future Education: AIM's goal is to provide extraordinary educational opportunities to children with language-based learning disabilities and as the Innovation Hub expands we want to open up students to new ways of learning through modern media creation. Implementing projects based on students' content creation through new technology and allowing them to make something they will be proud of instead of something they will forget.