Robotics at AIM

First Robotics Competition (FRC): 

AIM's FRC team also known as Wolfpack Robotics Team 5407 started in 2015 when, Mr. Rob Ervin, came to AIM sparking enthusiasm for robotics and engineering. Since then the team has continued competing and adapted over the years taking home multiple awards from across the country. Students in FRC get to learn how to program, build, repair, and operate a robot designed for competition. Each year students get to work on the team robot preparing it to complete in specialized task based challenges. 

As well as taking an in-depth dive into robotics, team members can also work at a myriad of other skills like graphic design, team management, and communication skills. Every student in FRC gets to bring their unique skills and interests to help the team!

Charged Up - 2023 Season Recap

AIM’s FRC Robotics Team 5407 competed in the 2018 World Championships in Detroit as well as earning the TOP ROOKIE TEAM award at the 2015 World Championships in St. Louis.

This student-led team competes in Mid-Atlantic Robotics competitions each winter and consistently competes at the championship level for the district. In 2017-2018 the team received the Engineering Award at each of its three regional competitions.