Lower School Lookout Highlights

4th Grade Castle Instruction

After the coronation of William the Conqueror, Norman style castles and fortifications were built throughout England. He enforced his power with large wooden forts that ran across the south, and for the first time England was controlled by strategically placed castles. The Interactive Humanities students have built impressive castles in the style of the Norman castles of England. They learned how to draw blueprints, designed their castles, planned out a budget, and raised the funds to buy the supplies needed to construct their castles.

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Cuniform Writing

The Second grade students of the River Valley Interactive Humanities class have continued to experience the amazing life of early civilizations. The students studied about the important role of the toolmaker and designed and created a tool or created innovations for an existing tool. They then learned about the earliest system of written language, cuneiform which was developed by cultures in Mesopotamia.

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Dinosaur Egg Displays

The first grade Interactive Humanities Origins students have continued their study of dinosaurs. They made fossil dinosaur eggs and exhibited amongst sand, rock and dirt as if excavated from a digsite. The student paleontologists learned about the extinction of the dinosaurs, and completed their study of the thunder lizards by making missing dinosaur posters for a pet dino. The students had to write the name of the dinosaur species and draw an accurate image so that people would be able to recognize their missing pet.

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