Progress Monitoring and Integrated Services

The academic progress of students at AIM Academy is our top priority. To optimize our students’ development as readers, mathematicians, writers and critical thinkers our teachers must adapt to the changing needs and abilities of their students. Our Psychology Department lends their expertise by working closely with teachers to develop tailored academic interventions and to monitor each student's progress throughout the year. Using timely and meaningful assessments to help answer the questions, the team gathers information about students' current academic levels and rates of improvement towards short and long-term goals. They ask questions such as: How much progress? Compared to what? Expected by when? Ongoing data analysis allows our team to evaluate the effectiveness of the instruction and to optimize each student's education plan by making timely, targeted adjustments or enrichments to individual programming. Progress is monitored on a weekly basis in the Lower School and the results are shared with parents at parent-teacher conferences and by request.

Unlike many schools specializing in students with language-based learning disabilities AIM Academy’s staff includes in-house School Psychologists, Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Pathologists to support students, teachers and families. This is an added convenience for our parents and a striking advantage for our students. Our professionals have the ability to interact with students before, during or after the school day. In addition, they share their expertise with teachers and parents which provides the optimal academic experience for each child.


Assistive Technology: AIM has a wide variety of assistive technology available to support students as they research, read, write, and do math including Learning Ally audio textbooks, Inspiration, iPad apps, speech-to-text software and online programs that provide practice to increase reading and math fluency.