Social Studies

Much of the social studies and geography content in the Lower School is experienced through AIM’s Interactive Humanities classes, the cornerstone of the AIM experience. Our unique methodology incorporates the subjects of civics, geography, history and literature in an arts-based learning environment. Interactive Humanities classes rely heavily on role-playing to reenact historical events in order to develop a better understanding of the complex relationships of the time. These classes meet daily throughout the school year.

On January 18th the Lower School hosted an Interactive Humanities Night for parents introducing them to our classroom spaces and letting them enjoy a sampling of the many hands-on activities their students enjoy in the Interactive Humanities classrooms. Enjoy a slideshow from the event here:

Additional units of study are woven into the Lower School classroom curriculum and reinforced through numerous interdisciplinary connections allowing students to generalize knowledge across their classes. These additional topics of study include:

Grade 1: Citizenship

Grade 2: Native American History

Grade 3: U.S. History: The 13 Original Colonies

Grade 4: Pennsylvania State History

Grade 5: U.S. History: Colonization to Civil War