Advisory and Executive Functioning Skills

Executive functioning skills, including time management, self-advocacy, study skills, homework completion, test preparation and organization and efficient retrieval of materials become a primary focus for preparing Middle School students for the rigors of their academic career through college. The research supports the importance of the development of executive functioning skills in the more complex academic areas of writing and mathematics where the ability to organize and sequence ideas, and to think in the abstract is key. Our Middle School has a unique and innovative Advisory Program that meets daily for short periods, and bi-weekly for 45 minutes per class. This time allotment allows Advisors to explore activities that exist under the umbrella of developing strong executive functioning skills. For example, at the start of each school year students are given a planner and explicit instruction from advisors for how to leverage their planner towards organization of assignments and time management for in-school and after-school activities, such as homework completion.