Middle School students select from a wide variety of arts-based electives and programs throughout their Middle School years. Working side-by-side with AIM faculty and often at times with the help of community partnerships, students gain exposure to a wide variety of choices.

6th grade students are rotated quarterly through art, drama, music, and robotics, while 7th and 8th grade students are permitted to choose an area of specialization each semester, with the addition of Media Arts as an option. Students meet in their electives every other day for 60 minutes per class.

Drama - participation in formal stage productions, improv, character development.

Music - music theory, chorus and instrumental instruction, music composition and full use of the recording studio.

Entrepreneurship - learn the basics of creating a business, develop a product or idea and learn the art of marketing and selling your product.

Art - sculpting, pottery, painting, photography and graphic design.

Robotics and Engineering- designing, engineering and programming.

Media Arts - film editing, digital photography and videography, animation.

Riding for Focus - Cycling program through grant from Outride teaching riding skills with a curriculum aimed at benefitting students with ADHD.

Physical Education - Students engage in developmental activities as well as individual and team sports. Emphasis is placed on positioning, strategy, teamwork and improving cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Locomotor and non-locomotor activities and games reinforce development of eye-hand coordination, agility and spatial awareness. Students meet in their PE classes every other day for 60 minutes per class.