Interactive Humanities


Students follow a unique sequence of history coursework in the middle grades.

IH - River Civilizations Image

In the our 6th grade students recreate some of the most important artifacts from history. Three times a year, they open the doors and act as docents, taking their visitors through the vast history of man and world religions.

In 7th grade, our students study the roots of American government and survey our history from pre-Columbian North America until the Civil War. Our “revolutionary” students spend many days exploring the rich history of Philadelphia.

In the 8th grade students learn how America was transformed from its fragile state during Reconstruction to our nation’s journey through the civil rights movement in the 20th century. Through debates and intensive study of constitutional law, our young Americans learn about their civic rights and responsibilities.

In the 6th and 7th grades, students meet daily in our Interactive Humanities classes for 45 minutes. In the 8th grade, students meet for 90 minutes every other day to account for in depth arts-based instruction and other outside exploratory experiences.

Ancient World - 6th grade
Democracy Club- 7th grade
Civil War to Civil Rights- 8th grade