It is the core mission of this school for every student to be a confident user of mathematics, a powerful quantitative thinker and a productive problem solver. Further, it is paramount for students who learn differently to explore and embrace the notion that multiple approaches can lead to a correct solution. This mission can only be achieved within a mathematics program that balances mathematical skills, concepts and applications with instruction that emphasizes explanation, justification and number sense. That is, our school is committed to a mathematics program built upon teaching and learning that actively engages students in experiences that stimulate curiosity, inquiry, joy and a deep understanding of the mathematics.

Math in Focus: Singapore Math is the framework for our math classes which meet daily for 60 minutes. Through the use of manipulative materials and practical applications, students strive to solve real world math problems. Through diagnostic evaluation and careful analysis of error patterns, each student’s specific areas of need and interest are identified. In small groups, students begin with 6th grade Math followed by classes that infuse Pre-Algebraic concepts and then ultimately Algebra I. Each student’s mastery is based upon the development of skills at the conceptual level first. From there, students develop fluency and acquire strategies while learning to apply concepts through real world problem solving.

Units Taught in the 6th Grade: Factors and Multiples, Equivalence (Ratios, Rates, and Percents), Data Analysis, Operations with Fractions, Decimals, and Percents, Relationships among Variables, Expressions, Equations and Inequalities

Units Taught in the 7th Grade: Operations with Signed Numbers, Ratios and Proportional Relationships, Linear Relationships and Equivalent Expressions, Solving Algebraic Equations and Inequalities, Geometry (Angles, Polygons, Circles, Surface Area and Volume), Statistics and Probability

Units Taught in the 8th Grade: Linear Relationships and Equivalent Expressions, Introduction to Solving Algebraic Equations and Inequalities, Exponents and Scientific Notation, Pythagorean Theorem and Irrational Numbers, Introduction to Functions and Lines, Solving Advanced Linear Equations, Bivariate Data, Congruence and Similarity