Elementary Program

Dive Into Ocean Habitats - Camp 2018!

Dive into Summer Enrichment at AIM Academy in the summer of 2018 and explore the watery depths of the largest habitat on Earth - the ocean!

Through engaging literature and arts-based learning opportunities students will explore the distinct geography and diverse sea life of the oceans surrounding our continents. From the largest living mammal to microscopic plants, students learn how living things adapt to conditions differently in the vast blue waters of the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Southern and Arctic. An investigation of the human impact on the ocean will help foster connections to climate change across the globe.

Embark on a journey from the beautiful coastal beaches to the depths of the seafloor this summer by exploring Ocean Habitats at AIM Academy!

Camp Dates:

July 1 - July 26, 2019

Launch into Learning and Elementary Enrichment Mornings

AIM's highly qualified staff provides a dynamic learning experience integrating research-based teaching methods with fun and creative activities designed to increase the acquisition and development of reading and math skills and decrease summer learning loss.

Our Launch into Learning Program for children entering Kindergarten and 1st Grade provides young students with opportunities to learn and practice essential reading, writing and math skills for three full hours each day. Daily instruction includes literacy-based activities targeting skills in phonemic awareness, decoding, sight word recognition, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, writing and math skills while learning about the world's oceans. For a better understanding of the benefits of early intervention, read Waiting Rarely Works: Late Bloomers Usually Just Wilt by American Federation of Teachers at Reading Rockets.

In our Elementary Enrichment Program for children entering Grades 2-5, small group reading and writing instruction utilizing Fundations, Wilson Reading, RAVE-O, Read Naturally and other research-based programs are led by AIM staff. Multisensory math computation, fluency and word problems are covered. Arts-based learning enriches the study of history, science and world cultures, and for summer 2018 focuses on an exploration of Earth's largest habitat, the ocean. Campers receive three full hours of academic instruction each morning.

The spirit of adventure and exploration moves from the classroom to the field with AIM's summer afternoon program for children age 5 to those entering Grade 5. Students will enjoy a variety of sports, such as archery, beachball, volleyball, track and field, and soccer. Then it's off to explore interests in our Maker Space and art studio in addition to music and drama black box theater to prepare for the end-of-summer camp show.

Recreation and STEAM Adventure Afternoons

The spirit of adventure and exploration moves from the classroom to the field with AIM's summer afternoon program for children age 5 to those entering Grade 5. Whether playing a game on AIM's turf field, creating a Lego boat in the Maker Space and seeing if it floats, shooting hoops in the full-size ACC gymnasium, painting a giant mural, or rehearsing in our black box theater for the end of summer music and drama performance, children will find opportunities to discover, explore, create and perform during AIM's action-packed afternoons including Drama, Robotics, Art and Sports.

Children must be enrolled in the morning enrichment programs to participate in Adventure Afternoons.

Spy Camp (Grades 3-5) 8:15 AM - 9:00 AM

Enhancing Visual Perceptual and Visual Motor Skills
July 2 - July 27

8:15 AM to 9:00 AM
Fee $475

Get ready to crack codes, send top-secret messages and complete interactive missions as you explore the world's oceans. This group, designed and led by AIM Academy occupational therapists, provides students with the opportunity to enhance their executive functioning (EF) skills. EF skills are utilized during everyday activities and are an important part of academic performance. EF skills include: following directions, organization, planning, time management, problem solving, self-regulation, etc. In addition to building these skills, fine and gross motor activities are incorporated as students navigate through obstacle courses and collect evidence for solving weekly missions. Returning spies are welcomed back to refine their spy skills and act as leaders to junior spies.

Before Camp Care 7:45 AM - 9:00 AM

7:45 AM to 9:00 AM
Fee $150

Before camp students in grades K-5 will be supervised by a certified AIM teacher. Through participation in a variety of board, computer and outdoor games, students will have the opportunity to socialize and develop friendships before the academic day begins.