Academics at AIM

Summer FAQs

Do you have an Open House or Information Session?

Yes, we have monthly virtual Information Sessions.  RSVP on our website.

  • Wednesday, January 24 - 6pm
  • Wednesday, February 21 - 6pm
  • Wednesday, March 20 - 6pm

Does my child have to have a diagnosis of LD to participate in the Summer Program?

While acceptance to AIM Academy’s school-year program typically requires a formal diagnosis or “at-risk” designation for a language-based learning difference, our summer program is beneficial for a broader range of student learners.  

We do not require a diagnosed learning difference to attend our Summer Program. In fact, we have found success with many students who do not necessarily have a diagnosis of learning or literacy challenges, but who need continued academic instruction and practice during the summer months. Therefore, our program is primarily focused on preventing skill regression over the summer and preparing students to “hit the ground running” at the start of the school year, no matter where they attend school. Small group instruction and classroom differentiation make it possible to meet the needs of a variety of student learners. 

That being said, there are needs that are outside our areas of expertise and would not be well served by our program.  Examples include Cognitive Impairment, needs on the Autism Spectrum, and Emotional Disturbance or Behavioral Conduct Disorder.  

Does my child need to schedule a screening? When are screenings? What is involved? How do I schedule?

Students who do not attend AIM during the school year need to participate in a brief academic screening with a member of our Summer Screening Team.  These screenings are used to create groupings and provide information to teachers prior to the start of the program.  They are meant to be casual, straight-forward, and low-stress for students and families.

Starting in May, our Summer Screening Team will begin reaching out to registered summer families via email to set up a virtual screening appointment.

Screenings typically take 30-40 minutes total and include brief, age-appropriate assessments in the areas of reading, writing, and math.  *Please note that this is not an academic evaluation, but only a screening that probes isolated academic skills.  It is not intended to diagnose and only represents a snapshot of specific student skills during the brief time spent together.

How do I register?

Registration can be completed online here.

Please note that there are two steps to complete registration: 

  1. Fill out and submit the online form.  

  2. Once you hit submit, a page will appear with instructions to pay the deposit through FACTS, our online accounting system.  Please create an account (or log in if you already have one) and follow the instructions provided to make payment.

We’ll be on vacation for one of the weeks, can my student still register? Do you prorate for partial attendance?

Our summer program is designed to provide four weeks of instructional learning, and we staff based on full attendance for the duration of the program. Therefore, we are not able to prorate the program cost. That being said, when students have had to miss days in the past, we have done our best to supply them with materials, book/activity suggestions, and topics to discuss with family to keep them in the loop for when they return. We realize that weighing the financial commitment of the full program cost against missing part of the program is difficult for many families, and this is ultimately a personal decision.

Do I have to pay in full?  When is payment due? How much is the deposit?

Prior to May 1st:  A deposit of 50% of the summer tuition cost is due at the time of registration.  Instructions to make this payment will appear after you submit your child’s registration form online. Payment is due in full on May 1st.  Any questions regarding payment can be directed to AIM’s Business Office at

After May 1st: Registrations after May 1st require full payment at the time of registration. Instructions to make this payment will appear after you submit your child’s registration form online. Any questions regarding payment can be directed to AIM’s Business Office at

What is your reimbursement policy?

Families may withdraw their registration for any reason prior to May 1st for a full refund. After May 1st, AIM has begun investing in staffing, purchasing, and planning for each student, so a full refund will not be possible.

Does AIM offer any scholarships/financial aid for summer?

Unfortunately, we do not have scholarships or financial aid available for our summer program.  At this time, AIM Academy focuses all of its financial assistance funds on providing tuition coverage for as many students as possible during the school year.

Do you participate in Philadelphia SD’s Compensatory Education Program?

Yes, we do participate in this program. Please consult your child’s Compensatory Education Agreement for guidance on how to apply your child’s compensatory hours to programs such as ours. Questions regarding payment can be directed to AIM’s Business Office at

What transportation options are available for summer?

Our Transportation Coordinator, Nick Gregorio (, is available to discuss transportation options with summer families.

In the past, AIM has partnered with a private transportation company to provide van service to and from the Center City area. We will share more information as it becomes available.  Parents will need to contract directly with the transportation company.

AIM is located right across the street from Miquon Train Station (SEPTA Manayunk/Norristown Line).

Carpooling is also an option, and we are happy to facilitate connections for any interested families.

Do you provide lunch/snacks?

AIM does not currently provide food service during the summer, and all students will need to bring their own snack(s) and/or lunch daily.

Morning Only Students: Should bring a morning snack. Please make sure that snacks are easy to open independently and do not require any preparation. Students will not have access to refrigerators or microwaves. *Please note that the morning program dismisses at 12:30, and morning-only students should plan to eat lunch after leaving campus.

Full Day Students: Should bring a packed lunch and TWO snacks (one for the morning and one for the afternoon).  Please make sure that snacks are easy to open independently and do not require any preparation. Students will not have access to refrigerators or microwaves.

Do you have Speech-Language, OT, and/or tutoring services available in the summer?

We are very excited to offer both in person and online** support services for Speech-Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Academic Tutoring available throughout the summer months.  Please visit our website to complete an application for these services.

**Please note that many emergency telepractice and state licensure policies that allowed cross-state teletherapy in Speech-Language and OT during the COVID-19 pandemic have expired. Therefore, we may be limited in our ability to provide teletherapy to students while they are located in a different state.  We will continue to monitor this situation, but please let us know if you anticipate that the student will be outside of Pennsylvania for some or all sessions.  (This limitation does not apply to tutoring services.)

Please note that completing the application starts the process of matching an available specialist with your child. It does not guarantee availability.