University Dual Enrollment

We have found that in order to be best prepared for college, students should actually experience a college class. In addition to their class work at AIM, all AIM seniors dually enroll in two (one fall, one spring) college courses at one of AIM’s partner schools. AIM faculty attend college classes with students. They support the student work as a way to introduce them to the demands of college and the advocacy skills required to succeed. Students are graded by their professor, eligible for learning services, and take their classes with college students. They earn credits and can transfer them on the days they’re on our campus, students come to AIM for a college skills course that helps students navigate their college course, work on higher level study, reading, and writing skills, and use all the supports the college has available to students with learning differences.

These are just some of the courses members of the Class of 2023 are taking this year:  

  • Data Science at Temple 
  • Introduction to Reading and Writing Music at Arcadia
  • Intro to Psychology at Arcadia, Cabrini and Montco
  • International Business at Arcadia
  • American National Government at Montgomery County Community College 
  • Intro to Mass Communications at Cabrini
  • Youth Cultures at Temple 
Dual Enrollment Schools with AIM