Upper School at AIM

English Language Arts

English and Language Arts classes at AIM are both challenging and engaging. All students participate in a daily block dedicated to literature and writing. Students read relevant, award-winning literature, which inspires powerful discussion and reflective writing. Exposure to both classics and contemporary literature that gets to the heart of modern issues is the focus. Students are guided through higher-level fiction and nonfiction such as multimedia readings, primary source documents and news articles.

Upper School students continue to receive writing instruction, engage in the steps of the writing process and refine their expressive skills in preparation for the demands of college-level writing. Writing teachers implement research-based and multisensory instruction, utilize graphic organizers, and technology to support the executive functioning skills necessary to generate compelling work. Students engage in a wide variety of genres such as creative, responsive, persuasive, expository and research.

For students seeking an additional challenge, AIM offers Honors level courses for all ELA classes.

Upper School English Language Arts graphic

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