Reading & Foreign Language

Wilson Reading System® and Wilson Just Words® Instruction

For students who still require explicit instruction in word study, decoding and/or spelling, we continue to offer Wilson® reading instruction with fidelity to students.


As a component of our language progression, we offer two years of Latin. The research behind the benefits of Latin instruction for students with language-based learning differences is profound. Latin provides students with a deeper understanding of the English language and builds bridges between all of their previous language instruction. Through Latin, vocabulary, morphological knowledge, and syntax improves.


AIM currently offers three levels of Spanish. Our curriculum is ¡Qué Chévere! from Carengie Learning, which includes a mix of both print and digital resources, including a textbook, student workbooks, listening activities, and flashcards. Each unit focuses on a theme (for example: school, family, likes and dislikes) and includes vocabulary, grammar, and culture lessons. Instruction is designed to develop students’ skills across the four language domains (reading, writing, listening, and speaking), and pacing is determined based on student needs as measured by unit assessments.