In an AIM science classroom, you will find tradition blended with innovation. While students learn the traditional content of a Biology class, for example, they also engage in the building of Aquaponics systems, indoor irrigation systems and explore other current topics through advanced technology and the arts. Vital research in literacy instruction, matched with the STEAM model helps bring science to life in a unique and profound way for students. Our science teachers offer opportunities for interdisciplinary project-based work surrounding current issues facing our world. Sciences are heavily lab based across all subjects. Science courses include:

Biology - 9th grade
Chemistry - 10th grade
Physics - 11th grade
Global Science - 12th grade

This Senior Seminar is a lab-based course that focuses on the environmental study of a particular region. Taught in tandem with the Senior Seminar History class, students then travel to that region in the Spring. Senior Seminar has traveled to Italy, Spain, Scotland, England, Ireland and New Orleans.