Upper School Scholars

The AIM Upper School Scholars program is designed to encourage students who want to become more aware of and engaged with their communities and the world around them. Scholars go above and beyond what is typically required on an AIM transcript as they pursue specific goals, course, and projects that immerse them in issues of interest. The Scholars program is open to any AIM Upper School student in good academic standing who is able and willing to commit to completing all program requirements. Students who complete the required coursework will receive a distinction on their transcript and a cord to wear at graduation.

Global Scholars

Understand the wider world and our place in it.

Focus on creating a more equitable and sustainable AIM community and world by learning, advocating, challenging, and enacting change - centered through the Sustainable Development Goals - toward peace and prosperity for people and the planet.

Equity and Justice Scholars

Understand the wider world and our place in it.

focus on advancing social justice by understanding, challenging, and transforming the ways that power is held, shared, and expressed by individuals, groups, and institutions.

Upper School Scholars Areas of Excellence: 


Learn beyond the classroom (field work and service trips)

Service Toward a Cause 

Act as a change agent

Intellectual Pursuit 

Develop knowledge and expertise


Share ideas and cultivate coalitions


Build relationships that inspire and nurture