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Boundless Futures

At AIM we talk a lot about our mission and the way that innovative teaching grounded in research leads to fearless learning for our students. It also helps them leave AIM prepared for a boundless future.

In November 2021, Drexel University's Admissions Office shared a video highlighting the work of Robbie Newman (AIM '2019) who will receive is participating in the Close School of Entrepreneurship's accelerated three-year degree program. Robbie is heading to law school following graduation in 2022.

Each year we watch our seniors flourish as leaders at AIM, young adults who have discovered their passion for learning, advocacy, science, the arts and are preparing to take their next steps. Where will your child's Boundless Future lead?

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We hope that we were able to convey our passion for learning and teaching students with language-based learning differences, and if you feel that you would like to submit an application, please read through how to apply before submitting an application.

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