What is the current enrollment?

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Lower School (1-5)…98
Middle School (6-8)…134
Upper School (9-12)…177
Total Enrollment (2023-2024)…409

What is the average instructional class size?
Lower School, (grades 1-5) 1:6 ratio
Middle School, (grades 6-8) 1:8 ratio
Upper School, (grades 9-12) 1:8 ratio

What is the percentage of students of color at AIM?

What type of students benefit from AIM education?
AIM Academy’s program is designed for students who have been formally diagnosed with language-based learning disabilities/differences. The college preparatory curriculum at AIM Academy is designed to meet the needs of the learning disabled child with the following profiles:

  • Dyslexia (specific learning disability in reading)
  • Dyscalculia (specific learning disability in math)
  • Dysgraphia (specific learning disability in writing)
  • Information Processing (including Auditory Processing)
  • ADHD in combination with a language-based learning difference

How long is the school day?
Begins at 8:10 am and the dismissal is at 3:10 pm for all divisions
*Athletic practices and games and other extra-curricular activities occur outside of the normal academic day.

What is the best way to contact my child’s teacher?
Email is the best way to reach out to the faculty. Most teachers do not get the opportunity to answer the phone or respond to emails until the end of the academic day, or at night, so please be patient when contacting them. If you do not receive a response from an email within a reasonable amount of time, please call the teacher. If you still do not receive a response, please call their respective Division Head.

What is the tuition to attend AIM?
Please visit the Tuition & Fees pages to learn more.

Where can I find information about the summer reading lists?
You can find the AIM Summer Reading List link on the AIM website, under Academics.

Does applying for tuition assistance have any effect on my child’s admissions?
No, admission decisions are considered “need-blind”. The admission process and tuition assistance process are completely separate from one another. Tuition assistance grants are given after a student is accepted to the school and the enrollment contract and deposit have been returned to the admission office.

How do I apply for tuition assistance?
Information about How to Apply for Financial Aid at AIM Academy can be found in the Financial Aid section the website.