It’s Simple.

Students who learn differently, just need to be taught differently.

Every child is unique. Every brain is unique.

At AIM Academy, we teach students what makes their brain unique: how it works; what it needs to be able to read, to write, to solve a mathematical equation, to organize and plan efficiently; to what extent it is able to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary simply by viewing it in a different way.

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Tonight, for the first time ever, our son asked if he could read me a book! I was amazed, surprised, happy, and encouraged all at once! He read with courage and motivation, tackling words he did not know at first and persisting through the entire book. A perfect example of AIM's fearless learning!"
- Parent of an AIM 2nd Grader

Learn more about language-based learning differences and how programs like AIM's Integrated Literacy Model can support struggling readers in these two articles about AIM.

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