Louise Spear-Swerling – PD Training

Differences That Matter: Common Profiles of Reading Difficulty
and their Value for Educators

Friday, May 4, 2018
9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. ET

In this session, Dr. Spear-Swerling emphasizes the value of reading profiles for understanding individual students' reading difficulties and designing interventions. She first reviews multidisciplinary research on reading profiles and their basis in the simple view of reading. She then addresses how to use diagnostic assessments to identify individual students' profiles, with multiple case examples involving actual students. Participants then engage in applied activities involving interpretation of assessment data to identify profiles and plan interventions, with extensive discussion.

Expert Speaker: Louise Spear-Swerling is Professor of Special Education and Area Coordinator for the Masters Concentration in Learning Disabilities at Southern Connecticut State University. Her research interests focus on children’s reading development and reading difficulties, as well as teacher preparation in reading, and she has published widely on these topics. Her most recent book is The power of RTI and reading profiles: A blueprint for solving reading problems, published by Brookes. Dr. Spear-Swerling has prepared both general and special educators to teach reading for many years, and she consults regularly for Connecticut school districts, mostly on cases involving students with severe or persistent literacy difficulties. In 2009 she served on the working group for the International Dyslexia Association that helped to produce national IDA professional standards for teachers of reading.