Wilson Language Training®

What is Wilson Language Training® and Certification for Professionals?

Wilson Language Training® is a provider of research-based reading and spelling programs for all ages. Its multisensory, structured curricula – Fundations®, JUST WORDS®, the Wilson Reading System®, and WILSON Fluency® have been proven highly effective. AIM Academy is a WILSON® Accredited Partner.

Wilson offers several literacy instructional models to meet the needs of distinct student populations: prevention and early intervention for K-3 students, intervention for older students, and intensive intervention. Each program model differs in practice, intensity, and duration, but all have been designed to help students master the appropriate level of literacy.


Wilson Reading System® is a structured literacy program based on phonological-coding research and Orton-Gillingham principles. It directly and systematically teaches the structure of the English language. Through the program, students learn fluent decoding and encoding skills to the level of mastery. From the beginning steps of the program, students receive instruction in:

  • Phonemic awareness
  • Decoding and word study
  • Sight word recognition
  • Spelling
  • Fluency
  • Vocabulary
  • Oral expressive language development
  • Comprehension

See our schedule of upcoming Wilson Reading System® Introductory Workshops and Certification training below.



This workshop provides an introduction to the newest Wilson Reading System® 4th Edition and is a prerequisite for all other Wilson training.

Cost: Wilson Reading System® Introductory Worksop (3 days) – $650/person. Materials are not included. All materials can be purchased directly from Wilson Language Training®. We suggest that you purchase and bring to class the Wilson Starter Kit.

Upcoming Introductory Workshop (15 CEU hours) training dates:

  • Tuesday, July 17, Wednesday, July 18 and Thursday, July 19


  • Tuesday, July 24, Wednesday, July 25 and Thursday, July 26
  • Tuesday, August 21, Wednesday, August 22 and Thursday, August 23


  • Monday, August 27, Tuesday, August 28 and Thursday, August 29


  • Tuesday, September 25, Wednesday, September 26 and Thursday, September 27


  • Tuesday, December 11, Wednesday, December 12 and Thursday, December 13

  • Tuesday, March 5, Wednesday, March 6 and Thursday, March 7, 2019


December 2017 - A Note from Wilson Language Training®:

"Wilson Language Training® is pleased to announce the publication of the Wilson Reading System® 4th Edition in 2018!

While the WRS 4th Edition program materials will be available early in 2018, the revisions to its professional learning will not be available to Wilson® Credentialed Trainers (W.C.T) until early July. For this reason, Wilson, and its Partners, will not be offering the WRS Introductory Workshop between January 1st and July 15th, 2018. We sincerely appreciate everyone’s patience while the Wilson Program Development Team completes the extensive WRS updates and enhancements. Be assured, it will be well worth the wait!"

Read more about the new edition here and register for a workshop above.

JUST WORDS® Introductory Workshop

Cost: Wilson Just Words® 2 day training – $450.00/person. Materials are not included. All materials can be purchased directly from Wilson Language Training®.

Upcoming JUST WORDS® Introductory Workshop (10 CEU Hours) training dates:

  • Wednesday, July 18 and Thursday, July 19

  • Tuesday, October 23 and Wednesday, October 24

Just Words® provides a curriculum for the study of word structure through the six syllable types in English and the most common Latin roots. It is a highly explicit, multisensory decoding and spelling program for students in grades 4-12 and adults who do not require intensive intervention but do require explicit decoding and spelling instruction due to word-level deficits. Just Words® is based on the research validated Wilson Reading System® and moves at an accelerated pace by focusing primarily on the concentrated study of word structure for reading and spelling. Just Words curriculum is designed for individuals with decoding and/or spelling scores in the 15th to 50th percentile range. (10 CEU hours)


  • Advanced Strategies for Multisensory Structured Language Group Instruction Workshop (WRS Group Mastery) (15 CEU hours)

This 3-day workshop provides strategies to improve all aspects of WRS group instruction through hands-on practice and discussion, and prepares participants for the WRS Group Mastery Practicum. The workshop examines the specifics of each WRS Block, with an increased focus on vocabulary, comprehension and fluency instruction.

Pre-requisites: Level I Certification and a Bachelor's Degree in Education or a related field.

Cost: $650/person

Upcoming WRS Group Mastery (15 CEU hours) training dates:

  • Tuesday, June 26, Wednesday, June 27 and Thursday, June 28, 2018


  • Tuesday, August 21, Wednesday, August 22, Thursday, August, 23


WILSON READING SYSTEM® LEVEL I CERTIFICATION: The WRS Level I Certification course prepares teachers to effectively implement WRS Steps 1-6 with students reading and spelling below grade level and those diagnosed with a language-based learning disability. Participants will demonstrate mastery of the Wilson lesson plan, including multisensory techniques and effective strategies in a 1:1 setting.

Upcoming Level I Certification training dates: TBD



LEVEL II CERTIFICATION: This advanced coursework provides in-depth strategies to implement multisensory structured language instruction successfully in group settings and advanced levels of decoding and encoding. The WRS Level II Certification requires the successful completion of the 4 courses below which include an in-person workshop, an online course through Wilson Language Training® and two practicums. Read the Wilson Language Training® course descriptions.

Cost: Wilson Reading System® Certification – Visit our Certification page for details. Materials are not included. All materials can be purchased directly from Wilson Language Training®

  • WRS Group Mastery Practicum through AIM Academy

Course Duration: 50 practicum lessons (typically completed in one school year)

Cost: $850. Please complete the registration form and fax to AIM Academy 215-483-4597

  • WRS Steps 7-12 Practicum through AIM AcademyCourse Duration: 50 practicum lessons (typically completed in one school year) Cost $850 --- Please complete the registration form and fax to AIM Academy 215-483-4597
  • Advanced Word Study (WRS Steps 7-12) Online Course- Please contact AIM Academy for details